Irregular Choice Fashion

Irregular style for Irregular shoes.

ICL Fashion
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1. Do NOT promote your community here unless it has a direct link to either ICL's or fashion.
2. This is not the place to sell that ugly sweater grandma got you for christmas. Definately other communities for that.
2a. Though you can sell your ICL's here.
2b. Make sure ALL pictures, including ICL selling pictures, are 460 pixels wide or LESS.
3. If you're going to be rude or mean in any way you have two choices, one is to apologize, or the alternative is being banned.
3a. Instead of being a rotten snob you can always give constructive criticism. Don't like what someone else is wearing with their ICL's? Then tell them what you think would look good, don't say "Ewww, hahahaha." Because we all know you're not 5 years old, so don't act like it.
4. Dress yourself up with your ICL's and take lots of pictures of your outfit. That's what we like to see.

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